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Dyslexia: The Warning Signs
This presentation covers what all parents and teachers should be looking for when they have a child who is struggling to read and spell. All the classic warning signs of dyslexia will be discussed in depth, starting with preschool aged children all the way through to adulthood.

SEA 217: An In-depth Look into Indiana’s “Dyslexia Law”
This is a perfect presentation for teachers, school administrators, and even parents who want to know the specifics pertaining to Senate Enrolled Act 217, more commonly known as Indiana’s Dyslexia Law. Attendees will learn who is required, by law, to be screened for dyslexia and who is excluded. As well as, how the screening process is to be administered and what to do with the results.

Dyslexia: It’s Not a Bad Thing
During this presentation, Joellyn’s appreciation for dyslexics shines through. She reveals the many reasons why this population is worth investing in. Attendees will gain a new understanding of the strengths a dyslexic possesses and why they have them.

How a Dyslexic Learns
There is a common misconception that dyslexics are unable to learn to read. This is absolutely FALSE! The truth is, they can become very proficient readers, but they must be taught in a nontraditional way that works for all learners. Joellyn will cover the specific ways in which these logical thinkers learn so any parent or teacher that attends will know how to effectively help their struggling readers.

Dyslexia: Myths and Misconceptions
Dyslexia is the most researched learning disability, yet the most misunderstood. In order to help dyslexics, we have to first know the correct information. Joellyn passionately speaks about the truths surrounding dyslexia, backed by science, and exposes the myths and misconceptions.

Dyslexia: A Mother’s Choice to Change Her Child’s Future
This is a heartfelt presentation where Joellyn explains, with a little humor, how she knew there was something more to her son’s struggle with school and how she chose to ignore everyone’s advice to just “wait and see.” She followed her heart, which led her on an amazing life-changing course for both her and her son. Audiences will leave with renewed appreciation for the power of a mother’s love and a better understanding of why sometimes God puts obstacles in our path for a good reason.

Dyslexia: Know Your Options
During this presentation, Joellyn informs audiences of the warning signs of dyslexia and the options available to help a child struggling with it. Audience members will not only have a better understanding of dyslexia, but will also appreciate how special dyslexic kids are and how much potential they truly have. They will be encouraged to help Joellyn in her fight to find these kids and get them identified because a positive change in their lives is more than possible once their potential is unlocked!

Experiencing Dyslexia
Joellyn offers this hands-on workshop to anyone interested in wanting to know how it feels to be an individual with dyslexia. Participants in the simulations will leave with a better understanding of the challenges facing dyslexics, as well as, effective methods to properly help them reach their full potential. This is an extremely beneficial experience for all teachers and parents of dyslexic children; however, it will produce empathy for anyone who is not familiar with dyslexia as well.

“I attended Joellyn’s ‘Experiencing Dyslexia’ session at the International Society for Technology in
Education Conference in Chicago and REALLY enjoyed it! I appreciated the simulation she did with us
and her helping everyone attending her presentation to really understand what it may be like for dyslexic
students.” – April R. Elementary Librarian


Mothers: Don’t Choose to Stay for the Kids
Joellyn gives this talk to women at domestic violence shelters, churches, mom groups, women’s conferences and retreats. So many times, women have said they stayed in an unhealthy relationship because it was best for their kids. Joellyn reveals a child’s perspective in hopes to change this way of thinking. She encourages women to be their own solution for positive change. This talk has an inspiring message for any woman.

The Burning House
This is a powerful message that Joellyn delivers to audiences about how dangerous an abuser is at ALL times. She has come up with an analogy that paints the perfect picture of what life is really like to live with an abusive person.

A Time before Women’s Shelters
Joellyn uses her experiences as a child who grew up in a very violent home to help others realize that bad things may happen to people, but it doesn’t have to define who they are. She reminds audiences that they are in the driver’s seat of their life and encourages them to choose to take control of the wheel for a positive change.

Safe Passage, Inc. has had the pleasure of engaging Joellyn Hartley to speak to both a small, intimate group and also deliver a keynote address to more than 300 attendees of our annual fundraiser. Her captivating and triumphant story was tailored to each and was equally impressive and inspiring. Joellyn gets the highest marks for motivation and excellence in her delivery of a powerful message!” – Jane Yorn, Executive Director, Safe Passage, Inc.

Choosing to Pursue Your Dreams While Parenting
Being a single parent is a full time job. When you add in the time you spend at an actual paying job, along with your day to day responsibilities, there is barely any time left over for you, let alone your dreams. Joellyn describes how she has been able to pursue her dreams during her very busy life, while not sacrificing any time with her son. She also explains the importance of choosing to pursue your dreams and why you should put them at the forefront of your to-do list for your kids’ sake.

Happiness: The Choice is Yours
You can emotionally be knocked to your knees, but only you can decide if you want to get back up or not. You can have bad things happen in your life, but it is your choice to try to focus on the positive or dwell on the negative. You may not be where you want to be in life, but only you can choose to be grateful for what you have and make small steps towards the life you want or dwell on what you don’t have. Could you be standing in the way of your own happiness? People will leave this presentation with the tools to make positive changes in their lives and have a sense of how important peace and a grateful attitude are for a person’s well-being.

How Insignificant Choices Can Lead to Significant Changes
During this presentation, Joellyn talks about her own journey through life and how some insignificant, meaningless decisions turned out to be significant, positive life-changers for her. Audiences will be entertained by this presentation and leave with a new appreciation for listening to and following their hearts.

In your hands you hold the seeds of failure or the potential for greatness. Your hands are capable, but they must be used for the right things to reap the rewards you are capable of attaining. The choice is yours. – Zig Ziglar

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