Dyslexia Specialist & Motivational Speaker

With the right help, a dyslexic's potential for success is limitless.

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Joellyn Hartley is a motivational speaker who inspires others to recognize their potential to positively change their life and the lives of others. She encourages her audiences to choose to be their own solution for positive change.

With each speaking opportunity, she inspires hope that a positive change is possible. Learn about the topics she speaks on here.


“She has a desire to help others who are on a similar path of where she has walked. Her heart, passion, and humor are all revealed during every speaking engagement she delivers, whether it is to a relaxed, casual group or a formal keynote presentation to a large audience.”
“I thought I was empathetic to people with dyslexia, but Joellyn’s presentation brought me to a whole new level. She did a great job! I can’t wait to share my experience with the team back at work.”
Paul R., Microsoft Learning Tools Team
“Joellyn, I just wanted to tell you how fantastic you were this morning and how moving your story was. You are a wonderful speaker and the world is definitely a better place with your heart and your willingness to share it."
Kely W.

Dyslexia Warning Signs

Dyslexia is something very near and dear to my heart since it affects my one and only child. I am not only a proud mother of a dyslexic; I am also a Dyslexia Specialist. I took an intensive graduate course, which was taught by world-renowned dyslexia expert, Susan Barton. This course not only taught me more about the science of dyslexia, but also how to properly identify and test a person for dyslexia, and the tools to help them succeed at school, home, and through life.

I have created three videos:

  • Classic Warning Signs of Dyslexia
  • Why You Should Test Your Child for Dyslexia
  • Why I Became a Dyslexia Specialist

Watch the first video, Dyslexia Warning Signs, by clicking below.

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