Dyslexia Overview

Hello! I’m so happy you have taken the time to explore a little about Dyslexia. 

It is something that is very near and dear to my heart since it affects my one and only child. I am not only a proud mother of a dyslexic; I am also a Dyslexia Specialist. I took an intensive graduate course, which was taught by world-renowned dyslexia expert, Susan Barton. This course not only taught me more about the science of dyslexia, but also how to properly identify and test a person for dyslexia, and the tools to help them succeed at school, home, and through life.

My purpose and mission as a Dyslexia Specialist is to help parents, teachers, and the general public understand dyslexia, the warning signs, and the extreme benefits of proper testing and specialized tutoring methods, so they can make a positive change in a dyslexic’s life.

Unlocking Potential for Positive Change is not only my tagline, but a belief that stems from my core. Dyslexics are extremely intelligent individuals, who have creative abilities outside of the norm, due to their right-brain hemisphere enlargement and dominance.

That’s right. Dyslexics have a larger brain than non-dyslexics, 10% larger as a matter of fact…talk about potential! They are full of it and it is just waiting to be unlocked!! Unfortunately, so many do not realize they have this potential because the brain’s language center resides within the left hemisphere of the brain, and due to dyslexics’ right-brain dominance, their talents can be hidden behind reading and spelling weaknesses.

Sadly, so many people, including teachers, are unaware of the warning signs of dyslexia so these struggling readers and spellers go unidentified. Many unidentified people often internalize their struggle as not being smart and lose their confidence and sense of self-worth. It is hard for their potential to shine through when they feel like a failure because they are unable to accomplish things that are coming so easily to their peers.

Fortunately, there is hope!

Dyslexics can learn to read and spell proficiently if they are taught in a way that their brains can process. Unfortunately, most schools do not teach in this manner because it is a slower method and isn’t needed for the majority of the student population.

To say I am passionate about dyslexia is a gross understatement! I absolutely love finding kids who are dyslexic and helping them and their parents navigate the appropriate methods to unlock their potential and create a positive change in their lives. It has been so rewarding to watch the kids I have identified make strides in overcoming their reading and spelling struggles and get their confidence back! I know in my heart that they will all do great things one day and I am so proud to of had a small part in their success!!

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