Dyslexia: A Mother’s Choice to Change Her Child’s Future

This is a heartfelt presentation where Joellyn explains, with a little humor, how she knew there was something more to her son’s struggle with school and how she chose to ignore everyone’s advice to just “wait and see.” She followed her heart, which led her on an amazing life changing course for both her and her son. Audiences will leave with renewed appreciation for the power of a mother’s love and a better understanding of why sometimes God puts obstacles in our path for a good reason.

Dyslexia: Know Your Options

During this presentation, Joellyn informs audiences of the warning signs of dyslexia and the options available to help a child struggling with it. Audience members will not only have a better understanding of dyslexia, but will also appreciate how special dyslexic kids are and how much potential they truly have. They will be encouraged to help Joellyn in her fight to find these kids and get them identified because a positive change in their lives is more than possible once their potential is unlocked!

Experiencing Dyslexia

Joellyn offers this hands-on workshop to anyone interested in wanting to know how it feels to be an individual with dyslexia. Participants in the simulations will leave with a better understanding of the challenges facing dyslexics, as well as, effective methods to properly help them reach their full potential. This is an extremely beneficial experience for all teachers and parents of dyslexic children; however, it will produce empathy for anyone who is not familiar with dyslexia as well.

“I attended Joellyn’s ‘Experiencing Dyslexia’ session at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference in Chicago and REALLY enjoyed it! I appreciated the simulation she did with us and her helping everyone attending her presentation to really understand what it may be like for dyslexic students.”
April R.

Elementary Librarian

Domestic Violence

Mothers: Don’t Choose to Stay for the Kids

Joellyn gives this talk to women at domestic violence shelters, churches, mom groups, women’s conferences and retreats. So many times, women have said they stayed in an abusive relationship because it was best for their kids. Joellyn reveals the true feelings a child has while living in a house with domestic abuse in hopes to change this way of thinking. She encourages women, who may be in a similar situation as her mother once was, to dig deep and to choose to be their own solution for positive change. This talk has an inspiring message for any woman.

The Burning House

This is a powerful message that Joellyn delivers to audiences about how dangerous an abuser is at ALL times. She has come up with an analogy that paints the perfect picture of what life is really like to live with an abusive person.

A Time before Women’s Shelters

Joellyn uses her experiences as a child who grew up in a very violent home to help others realize that bad things may happen to people, but it doesn’t have to define who they are. She reminds audiences that they are in the driver’s seat of their life and encourages them to choose to take control of the wheel for a positive change.

Single Parenting

Choosing to Pursue Your Dreams While Parenting Solo

Being a single parent is a full time job. When you add in the time you spend at an actual paying job, along with your day to day responsibilities, there is barely any time left over for you, let alone your dreams. Joellyn describes how she has been able to pursue her dreams during her very busy life, while not sacrificing any time with her son. She also explains the importance of choosing to pursue your dreams and why you should put them at the forefront of your to-do list for your kids’ sake.

The Blessings of a Single Mom

Joellyn has been a single mom for several years and knows firsthand the blessings and burdens that come along with this important role. She feels that so many choose to dwell on the burdens. She reminds the audience of the many blessings that come with being a single mom in hopes to inspire a positive change in these women.


Small Steps towards Happiness

Divorce stinks, no matter if you wanted it or not, and everyone goes through some pretty emotional turmoil at some point during the process or aftermath. Joellyn has unfortunately experienced the heartache of divorce, but was able to make small steps to pick up the pieces and create a new and fulfilling single life. During this presentation, she explains some of the small, intentional steps she took to get her happiness back. Divorced women will leave this presentation with a renewed spirit and guidance on how they can take the same steps within their own lives.

Divorce: It’s Not the End of Your Life

Divorce definitely signifies the end of your marriage; however, it does not mean your life is over. Joellyn uses examples from her own experiences to prove life isn’t over after divorce and can be quite fulfilling if you choose to change your mindset and see it as a new, unscripted beginning, full of possibilities.

Women’s Empowerment

Happiness: The Choice is Yours

You can emotionally be knocked to your knees, but only you can decide if you want to get back up or not. You can have bad things happen in your life, but it is your choice to try to focus on the positive or dwell on the negative. You may not be where you want to be in life, but only you can choose to be grateful for what you have and make small steps towards the life you want or dwell on what you don’t have. Could you be standing in the way of your own happiness? People will leave this presentation with the tools to make positive changes in their lives and have a sense of how important peace and a grateful attitude are for a person’s well-being.

How Insignificant Choices Can Lead to Significant Changes

During this presentation, Joellyn talks about her own journey through life and how some insignificant, meaningless decisions turned out to be significant, positive life-changers for her. Audiences will be entertained by this presentation and leave with a new appreciation for listening to and following their hearts.


Remove the Clutter from your Home to Remove the Clutter from your Heart

Do you cringe when you step into “that room” of your house or open “that drawer”? Joellyn discusses the negative effects clutter can have on people’s lives and the simple steps they can make to change it; that won’t drain their wallet or spirit.

Taking Time to Organize Saves Time

Joellyn is a very busy single mom and entrepreneur who understands the importance of organization. She demonstrates to audiences how choosing to take the time to organize things, whether it be something as big as their life or as small as a drawer, will save time in the future. She also explains how the decision to organize can lead to a happier life. Audiences will leave recharged and ready to tackle the disorganization within their lives. 

Safe Passage, Inc. has had the pleasure of engaging Joellyn Hartley to speak to both a small, intimate group and also deliver a keynote address to more than 300 attendees of our annual fundraiser.

Her captivating and triumphant story was tailored to each and was equally impressive and inspiring. Joellyn gets the highest marks for motivation and excellence in her delivery of a powerful message!

Jane Yorn, Executive Director, Safe Passage, Inc.

In your hands you hold the seeds of failure or the potential for greatness. Your hands are capable, but they must be used for the right things to reap the rewards you are capable of attaining. The choice is yours.

– Zig Ziglar